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‘I am married,’ Alikiba says ahead of Kenya tour

Tanzanian music sensation Alikiba has put to rest rumours of his alleged divorce.

During a recent virtual interview with the media, the bongo superstar talked about several things, including his upcoming tour of the country as he celebrates 20 years in the industry.

One of the journalists asked the singer about his love for Kenyan women.

When asked about his expectations in Kenya, apart from the country’s famously beautiful women, Alikiba tactfully replied:

“Are you serious? Okay, no comment. No comment on that. [I will] just come. Whatever will happen will happen.”

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He went on to emphasise that he was married.

“Guys, I’m married, you know, but anything can happen. There are beautiful people and I’m ready”.

Kiba and his Kenyan wife, Amina Khalef, are said to have divorced in 2022.

Amina is said to have initiated divorce proceedings and hinted at the finalisation of their split in a cryptic message.

Amina, who keeps a low profile on social media, shared a photo of an open cage with a bird flying away.

She also deleted all photos with AliKiba, including those of their white wedding in April 2018.

In early 2022, reports emerged that Amina had filed for divorce from the ‘Utu’ hitmaker at a Khadhi court in Mombasa.

Alikiba was given 15 days to respond to the legal papers.

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In her petition, Amina outlined the circumstances that led her to leave their matrimonial home in Tanzania around October 2018.

According to her allegations, Amina left due to concerns about her mental health, exacerbated by conflicts with Alikiba and his family.

She stated that her departure occurred while she was pregnant and that she was seeking a supportive environment for her well-being.

“The petitioner (Amina) gave birth to her first child on 19 February 2019 and in accordance with Muslim cultural traditions in Mombasa, she stayed at her family home for 40 days,” Amina’s petition stated.

Upon her return to her matrimonial home in April 2019, Amina was confronted with a living environment that she considered unsuitable for her mental well-being.

The environment failed to provide the conditions for her to thrive, further straining her fragile state.

Ali Kiba will perform at the WRC in Kenya.

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