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I am single now – Cindy K’s ex boyfriend Sean Preezy on posting other women

NRG presenter Sean Preezy, the former lover of famous TikToker Cindy Kipsang, aka Cindy K, has given his fans reason to worry about his well-being, with a section of them alleging that the radio personality could still be grieving his failed relationship with Kipsang. 

In a question-and-answer session on his Instagram stories, the radio presenter engaged his fans and he gave them a platform to ask him anything.

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At that point, a concerned fan popped the question of why he constantly posts photos of himself in clubs with women.

Preezy seemed a bit raffled by the question as he shared a lengthy response saying that he is currently single and has every right to post however and whomever he pleases.

He added that he could not post his lifestyle with other women when he was in a relationship out of respect for his then-girlfriend. 

“I have noticed since you and Cindy broke up you tend to post more than usual, with women and in clubs…Are you okay, or what are you trying to prove?” read the fan’s question. 

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Preezy went on to respond by saying, 

“When you are in a relationship, do you post other women/men? You need to know boundaries when you are in a relationship. Be yourself but don’t do the most. Especially something that you know will make the other feel some type of way,”

He added, “I respect the woman I am dating enough not to show that I am publicly around other women. I am an entertainer. I would entertain for a living if you didn’t know. Where the people are, I will be. I am single now and can put anything I want to online without disrespecting anyone.”

Sean Preezy and Cindy K broke up late last year after dating for almost a year.

The former couple did not disclose the exact reason behind their split. However, Preezy hinted at the TikTok star still has some residual feelings for her ex-lover, Shaq The Yungin, who dabbles as a radio presenter at NRG radio. 

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