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I bet my mom wishes she didn’t give birth to me, but she has never disowned me

Kenyan songbird Akothee has celebrated her mother by appreciating her for raising and putting up with the ‘troublesome’ daughter that she turned out to be.

In her message to her mother on Mothers’ Day, Akothee cheekily said that she knows she mum, whom she calls honorable, at times ‘regrets’ giving birth to her or wishes she had been born into another family.

“Hon. Yunita Akinyi Ogendi  It’s not Easy being Akothee’s mother, This is the mighty woman who has been having sleepless nights since the conception of Akothee, from teenager to an old woman who would not dress properly, Always trending for all reasons & seasons, has many children with no stable relationships and Is always up and about taking risks for reasons best known to her,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I bet my mom wishes at times she didn’t give birth to me, or maybe I should have just been born in another family ??? Her words “Akoth nyathinani yawa awe e luet Jehovah‘,” she wrote on.

But Despite all the drama in her life, Akothee appreciated the fact that her mother has never disowned her.

“My mom has never disowned me, not in public not privately. She is a hero, patient, enduring, intelligent, amazing and brave. Hon. Yunita is one mother in town. Help me wish my mom and your mom a happy Mothers’ Day. L love you Nyarogendi,” she wrote.

In 2018 Akothee’s mother attended her daughter’s performance for the first time and even joined her on stage.