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I cannot find Eko Dydda – Wife panics

August 12th, 2022 2 min read

Musician Eko Dydda who was vying for the Mathare North MCA seat is missing, according to his wife, Cynthia Ayugi.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Cynthia who is also known as Galia said, “I’m looking for Eko Dydda, I cannot find him.”

The last time she saw him was early this morning at 1:30am when he left Stima Members Grounds in Ruaraka in disguise, dressed as a woman.

His visit to Stima Members Grounds in Ruaraka was so that he can collect his certificate from IEBC officials.

“After coming from Stima Member Club disguised as a lady, we had to go different ways. We met around Jogoo Road then went different ways because cops were calling him telling him his life was in danger.”

She continued, “Later, he texted me saying he is not okay.”

Cynthia asked us to contacts her later today after she has gathered more information that she can share with us.

So far, she has not managed to record any statement with the police.

She told Nairobi News, “We went to Buruburu Police Station and they sent us to Ruaraka Police Station. They said we couldn’t report there, we should go to IEBC and report that is what the police boss in the station said. I was not allowed to record anything.”

Cynthia says that he was allegedly attacked by knife-wielding goons when leaving the tallying centre.

Holy Dave revealed via his Twitter feed that “Eko has already lost an unknown amount of money and other valuables.”

Family and friends say that the last time he contacted then was when he was “calling for help” late last night.

Later in the night, Holy Dave tweeted that the star was taken to Kariobangi Police Station.

Eko Dydda announced to his followers on August 10, 2022, that the political tide was moving in his favour.

In an Instagram post, Eko wrote, “Congratulations to everyone who voted for me that was a landslide win #MCAmathareNORTH.”

Adding, “Show time!!! People are about to witness how great our God is.”

Eko Dydda’s phone has been off, we could not contact him for comment.

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