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I cannot sire my children out of wedlock, I am not pregnant – Kamene Goro speaks out

Renowned media personality Kamene Goro has broken her silence in regard to the pregnancy rumours that have been spreading consistently.

In a series of posts on her Instagram stories, Kamene trashed the pregnancy rumours saying she would never sire her children out of wedlock.

Further, she asked those spreading the gossip to stop the narrative explaining that she could have gained a little weight from living her lifestyle.

“It has got to the point that I am irritated by how people are thinking. Can we get this right? I am not pregnant. Maybe I have added a little weight living my best life but I am not pregnant. Would I be really out there in the clubs, partying and drinking if I was pregnant?” she posed.

“If there is one thing about me, I am not about to get pregnant or get children out of wedlock so can we be done with that narrative? I’m just tired of it.”

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Early this year, Kamene and her lover DJ Bonez celebrated their second relationship anniversary. In a post, the radio queen revealed that they hated each other before they started dating.

“We became official two years ago. We knew each other six or seven years ago. We weren’t talking. We did not like each other at all. We started with beef! It was a mad beef. He used to say I am a ratchet,” she said.

In light of this, the outspoken Kamene shared that when she posted about her two-year anniversary with the DJ on her Instagram story, she was met with criticism from some of her followers who claimed that she has been misleading women into rejecting men whereas she is living happily in a fruitful relationship.

“Some were criticizing me for ‘lying’ to them about men yet am dating. I feel like people are just hallucinating. I always advocate for one thing good love,” she shot back.

Kamene got engaged last year when the two lovebirds went to Diani with their couple of friends. In a series of videos, Kamene flashed her two huge gold rings among them her engagement ring.

“Something happened last night…” she captioned in one of her videos.

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