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I changed CV joints and now my car misbehaves

By NETO OMBEWA February 15th, 2014 1 min read

Dear Neto

The ABS warning light came on my dash soon after I changed my CV joints. I went back to the mechanic who changed them and he told me the problem would go away by itself. It is now two weeks but the light is still on. What could be the problem?


Dear Melvin,

A few wrongs could have happened when the CV joints were changed. First you might have changed the old joint with a wrong one. CV joints meant for ABS functions have a serrated ring while non-ABS CVs do not.

Secondly, your mechanic could have left one of the ABS sensors not fitted in its slot so the computer cannot get its signals. The wiring from the ABS sensors might have been yanked off when the hub was being removed.

This could mean there’s a broken circuit or a fault in the ABS wiring. The above causes can be attended to where you changed your CVs but if not much is seen, you might have to have your car scanned for codes to identify the problem.


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