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I cheated! Vlogger Natalie Tewa’s nasty breakup with hunk boyfriend lights up Twitter [SCREENSHOTS]

Kenyan Vlogger Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze have broken up.

The news of the breakup hit social media after Rnaze took to Instagram to reveal that the two are no longer together.

But their fans were left wondering  what caused the breakup as they are both throwing mud at each other. By midday on Thursday, she was the top trending topic with more than 5,000 tweets; Rnaze was third with more than 2,000 tweets.

Natalie started her YouTube channel in 2015 by documenting her fitness hoping to inspire others. But her channel only picked up after she started her natural hair journey.

The two kept their fans abreast of their relationship, sharing cute pictures together. It was the ultimate #CoupleGoals.

On Wednesday night, she revealed the news that they had parted ways due to physical abuse in their relationship.

“I was basically physically abused yesterday (Tuesday). If anyone saw what happened please speak out. Men should not ever get that far no matter what. If you know Rnaze you know he aint shit. Brokest nigga I have been with, always prancing around creating a façade. Selfish AF and always riding on my wave to be famous. If you know you know,” she posted.


But Rnaze claimed that he was away in Uganda for four days only to come back and find his girlfriend in a compromising situation.

“She cheated, I ended it. Came back from UG to a terrible surprise. I was only gone for 4 days… smh. That’s the truth.”

Natalie also shared on her Insta stories: “I cheated that’s why it ended.” She took down the post and apologised, claiming that he had posted the message as they shared passwords. 

The vlogger added that she decided to go public about the break up after Rnaze decided to delete her content from YouTube and Instagram.

In an earlier vlog, the two had said that they had no secrets and that they shared passwords on all their social media pages.


Natalie did not directly admit or deny the cheating allegations, however, she revealed in a series of Insta stories what she believes to be the true dynamics of their very public relationship.

The duo, who worked together on Natalie’s content, amassed a huge following, earning Natalie 30,000 followers on YouTube, and over 65,000 followers on Instagram.

In her posts she claimed that Rnaze deleted some of her work from the two social media platforms Instagram and YouTube.

Since the incident, Natalie’s YouTube account only has 15 videos which she did before they started dating.

Their break-up comes at a time when the two were planning to go for a vacation in Asia.

“About the Asia Trip…I will be traveling solo dolo now. Never compromise your work,” wrote Tewa.