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‘I could not focus,’ Murugi Munyi reveals quitting job for love

Content creator and influencer Murugi Munyi opened up about her decision to leave her first job, driven by the desire to be with the love of her life, Zach, who was also a colleague in the same company.

In a candid conversation on Financial Incorrect podcast, Munyi shared her story emphasizing the challenges of working alongside a romantic partner in a professional setting.

She expressed that the situation became uncomfortable, affecting her focus, and consequently, she made the decision to quit the job.

“I met my husband at the place I was working. I left the place because I was in a relationship, and we were in the same department. It was awkward, not like I was reporting to him, but it was not just nice working with someone you have a permanent sensual [connection] with. The reality is that you can’t focus. That is how I felt, and so one of us had to leave, plus I trusted my ability to get another job. Plus, he had money,” she revealed.

The content creator, host of the TMI podcast also shed light on her personal life, detailing her intentional decision to become a mother at the age of 19.

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Recalling her excitement and the love she shared with her then-boyfriend, Munyi admitted that financial planning was not a priority at the time.

“I was so excited about it. My boyfriend and I were so much in love, and we were actually not thinking about money. We just wanted to solidify our love. It made sense at that time. That is when I realized I should have planned for that,” Munyi said.

She acknowledged the privilege of growing up in a comfortable family but acknowledged the realization that planning for such a significant step would have been more prudent.

Despite the initial challenges, Munyi shared that she navigated through her journey as a single mother with the support of her boyfriend, who played an active role, and her family’s assistance.

“My parent used to pay rent and send me sh10k a month. My boyfriend would also buy diapers and his parents also were supportive,” she said.