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I did not con anyone, Azziad responds to accusations of being a con woman

By Winnie Mabel September 10th, 2022 3 min read

Kenya’s most followed female Tik Toker Azziad Nasenya has responded to accusations of conning a participant who won a prize in her Azziad X Denri challenge.

The accusations were made by make-up artiste Gabriell Bm who said she followed all the instructions Azziad had given to willing participants and she was one of the people who ended up winning and invited to the bag launch.

The winners were to be given the newly launched bags and Gabrielle claimed contestants had to force issues for them to get the bags. Denri produces bags for various purposes and tastes.

“What was remaining was the cash. By the way, the people working at Denri did not know about the cash, they didn’t know about the challenge so we had to show videos of all these things we were saying. This is why it was really hard for us to get the bags,” said Gabrielle.

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She further said that Azziad left the event early and when they asked for their money, they were denied because Azziad did not tell Denri about the money part of her challenge.

“We asked Denri how we would get our cash later and they told us to give them our numbers and they would send the money the following day. We did not get the money and I kept quiet to give time for the issue to be solved. When I realized this was taking time, I decided to send a DM to Azziad. She responded two weeks later on August 12,” added Gabrielle.

Azziad was said to have claimed she was too busy and hadn’t seen the messages sent by Gabrielle and that she was sorry. Three out of 10 people hadn’t been given their cash prizes so Azziad insisted that Gabrielle reach out to one of the others on her behalf and she did.

“Most celebrities, especially content creators, definitely know the hassle that comes with creating content… the materials I used to create this content to perfection, the time and effort and all the other creators who have not been paid as I speak right now… Azziad did not send money to one of the other girls as she had said. She told me not to count on getting any cash,” Gabrielle further said.

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Gabrielle sympathized with contest winners who got neither the bags nor the cash, saying it was unfair. She also accused Azziad of using people for her own benefit.

“I put out content that is definitely still promoting the new Azziad bag as we speak right now. I believe myself and all these other content creators agreed to do this particular challenge because there was some form of word promised toward it. And we gave her our platform for her to advertise and sell on it, some form of exchange (for) something. I think being taken for a ride is really unacceptable because that is what has been happening considering the time frame it has been almost two months now. I can’t keep on sending DMs and messages that aren’t being replied to in order to get something I worked for,” she said.

But in her response, via Tik Tok live, Azziad faulted Denri for not paying on time and that she has so many direct messages and did not see Gabrielle’s particular ones.

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I did the challenge one month ago and ensured there is a reward for it. I’m a content creator and I know the pain of doing a video for free. I chose 10 winners and they were invited for the launch. My mum was in town and I had to meet her at 5pm as she was flying out. The event started late so I asked to be excused. I went took mum to the airport. When I returned only 7 winners were at the event. The other three were not there – one is based in Saudi Arabia and the other two who had left it was hard to get a hold of them. I, as Azziad, followed up and DMed them on Instagram,” Azziad explained.

“To say the truth, it is hard to keep tabs, I have 500 DMs a day. She never looked for me, I’m the one who did. Things happen. I sent her a voice note saying sorry for the delay. I got her number and asked them to process the payments. I did not know they were not paid. That is not an excuse, it should not have happened. I did not con anyone,” she further said.

“Had I known about it earlier I would have escalated it. She was paid her money before she uploaded the video. I know she will not tell you that. But it is okay. I don’t want to say I’m a billionaire but I’m blessed. I do not con people. If a WhatsApp number chats you and says I’m Azziad and promises to give you money. Don’t be gullible. In this economy who will give you money,” Azziad said.