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I did not misuse Brian Chira’s funeral fund! Baba Talisha defends himself

Baba Talisha, a popular content creator and close friend of the late Brian Chira’s family, has been actively involved in organising and updating fans on the late TikTok star’s funeral arrangements.

Despite his efforts to honour Chira’s memory, Baba Talisha has come under scrutiny from fans over his handling of the funds raised for the funeral.

A single father himself, Baba Talisha spearheaded fundraising efforts within Chira’s TikTok community to raise support for the funeral costs.

Within 24 hours, an astonishing KSh 5 million had been generously donated by fans, rising to over KSh 8.1 million by the time of Chira’s funeral.

However, amidst the outpouring of generosity, allegations arose accusing Baba Talisha of misappropriating funds for personal use, specifically the purchase of an iPhone.

Baba Talisha has responded to these allegations and vehemently denies any misuse of funds.

In a video statement, Baba Talisha provided a transparent breakdown of how the funds raised were used.

“We raised KSh 8.1 million and KSh 1.7 million was spent on the funeral. Everything else remains safely in Brian Chira’s grandmother’s account,” he clarified.

In response to concerns about accountability, Baba Talisha assured supporters that the funds were being carefully managed and used for the intended purpose.

He also highlighted ongoing efforts to ensure that Chira’s grandmother receives the care and support she deserves, including plans for a comfortable living arrangement.

“We are working hard to ensure that Brian’s grandmother has a home where she will be comfortable,” Baba Talisha reiterated.

Chira was laid to rest on 26 March at his family’s home in Ingitei village, Githunguri, Kiambu County.

His grandmother, Esther, remembered Chira as a God-fearing man and the breadwinner of the family.

Narrating Chira’s childhood, she said he was a responsible boy who looked after his other family members.

She said Chira was left in her care at the age of eight after his mother died.

“Brian Chira was my first grandchild, born to my first daughter. He was my best friend since childhood. He took care of us and was obedient as always. He looked after his cousins. He could wash and clean the house,” she said.

Chira’s grandmother said his goal was to see the family settle in a big modern house and have their own compound.