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I don’t believe in marriage – Karen Nyamu

Politician and lawyer Karen Nyamu has revealed that she was in a relationship with a violent politician who was in government at the time.

Nyamu confessed that her experience during the relationship that lasted more than two years changed her mind about marriage forever.

“I don’t believe in marriage when it comes to my life. I love children, I love my children, but I don’t want to get married. There are good men out there, but I have made that decision from a past experience I went through,” Nyamu said.

Nyamu, who was speaking withMassawe Jappani during an interview on Radio Jambo added, “My experience in marriage was not good, there was violence, he was so overprotective, he was obsessed and insecure.”

The 2017 Nairobi Woman Representative aspirant said she never reported the matter to the police because she was young and the married man was in government and that intimidated her.

“I did not report because it would have been a waste of time, but I am proud I got out of that situation,” she added.

Nyamu said the violence and his insecurities did not start immediately into the relationship.

“The first year into the relationship was good, however he started changing later into our second year,” she added.

She, however, clarified that the politician is not the father of her firstborn child.