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‘I don’t cheat, I dump and move on,’ – DJ Pierra on past relationships

By Sinda Matiko December 20th, 2022 2 min read

Celebrated female Deejay and actress DJ Pierra Makena will dump a guy as soon as she realizes she doesn’t love him anymore.

The mother of one says rather than cheating on her partner, and she will walk away from that relationship to be with the person she might have ended up cheating on with.

DJ Pierra Makena
DJ Pierra Makena

“If you are dating someone and feel that this person doesn’t belong to you, please break up with them and go after the one you want.

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“You don’t have to take someone on a ride. Don’t take someone through hell. Let them get hurt at that moment with the breakup, and they will heal. It’s better than them finding out that I cheated,” Pierra says.

DJ Pierra Makena
DJ Pierra Makena

Makena argues that such a move would be an act of decency and manners and save both of you.

“That’s how I feel as a person, and that’s exactly what I would do. If I were dating somebody and fell in love with somebody else, I wouldn’t take the person I am with through hell.

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I will tell him we need to break up because I need to be with someone else. Let him get hurt at the moment but do not let him find out that I cheated.”

DJ Pierra is currently single, having announced last year that her heart belonged to someone special.

DJ Pierra has been smart enough to keep her relationship under wraps for the years she has been in the entertainment industry.

To date, hardly much is known about her relationships, even as she continues to remain tight-lipped on the subject of who is her daughter’s father.

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DJ Pierra Makena
DJ Pierra Makena

Makena has been linked to several notable public figures, including flamboyant married politician Steve Mbogo, singer Size 8 husband DJ Mo, and the former director of brand strategy Big Ted, currently serving as Kenya’s US Consul-General.

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