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‘I don’t like being touched’ Comedian Elsa Majimbo declares

In a recent TikTok video, celebrated Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo did not mince her words when she candidly expressed her aversion to people, sparking mixed reactions from her fans.

Majimbo, known for her unique sense of humor and candidness, went on a no-holds-barred rant, highlighting several things she does not like, including all types of people.

“I don’t like white people, black people, Asian people, I generally just don’t like people. My point is, I do not discriminate; as long as you breathe, I genuinely don’t like people. I don’t like being touched. I don’t like being called unexpectedly, especially by unknown numbers; you are guaranteed that I will not be picking up,” she stated.

In addition to her dislike for people, Majimbo humorously questioned the concept of leaving her house to go outside and interact with the world.

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“I don’t like leaving my house; it’s so comfortable here. I don’t understand why we need to do things outside,” she remarked.

To add a playful touch to her confessions, Majimbo also stated, “I don’t like men,” adding an extra layer to her unfiltered commentary.

The video quickly garnered attention and evoked various responses from her fans, some of whom related to her sentiments and others offering words of encouragement.

MERA❤️💋🌺🌹: “Just heal; you will be fine.”

Shizo🚩🚩😅: “I thought I was weird, huh? I’m at peace now knowing I ain’t alone.”

Kaycee: “Introvert. Telephobic. Generally, I want nothing to do with people.”

Miss Akrong: “Finally, someone who relates to the same thing. Also, let’s get into the nails and face for a second!!!”

Catherine🇹🇿🇺🇬🇷🇼🇰🇪🇸🇸: “But you are always getting ready with those fire fits. Where are you going?”

ndamakelly💝: “When I get money, I can then say exactly what she said. For now, I like being around people.”

Ari🌹 I Buy My Own Roses: “As long as you breathe, I felt this in my soul!”


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