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‘I don’t like to be controlled’ – Omar Lali’s demand to Tecra Muigai

By Winnie Mabel January 10th, 2023 2 min read

On May 2, 2020, news emerged that one of the billionaire heiresses of the Keroche Breweries, Tecra Muigai, was dead.

The events surrounding her death were shrouded in mystery as fingers were pointed at her much older fiancé, Omar Lali, as her killer.

Public opinion was also divided as a sequence of events leading up to Tecra’s death emerged.

On January 9, 2023, veteran journalist John Allan Namu sat down with the late Tecra’s family and Omar Lali to dig deeper into the mysteries and get either party’s sentiments on what transpired.

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During his interview, Omar Lali spoke about his past, which included several romantic encounters and ultimately described himself as a playboy who left that life behind to settle down with Tecra.

“I don’t like to be controlled. I don’t want to be told what to do because if I meet a woman, I told them what I did- like, this is me, they have to put up with me the way I am. I have slept with so many women I have lost the count. I was a playboy, that’s the right word to say,” said Mr Lali.

When asked if he told the late Tecra about his past life and wives, he said he never hid that information and was of the opinion it shouldn’t matter in a new relationship because it was in the past, and Tecra was fine with that.

He also confirmed that Tecra was never insecure about him or his past because she knew what she was doing.

At this time, the late Tecra’s family contemplated going to the police but did not know what they should report and what it would achieve because she had been spending way too much money on him, and her life was changing and turning her into someone they did not know anymore.

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Photos provided by the family to Mr. Namu showed an unkempt Tecra Muigai dressed in a simple blue dress, blue beads necklace and a large white headscarf.

In another photo, she had the headscarf removed, and her unkempt hair was the order of the day at an event where Anerlisa and her friends were dressed to the nines like the socialites they are.

Tecra was known to be a posh girl but began looking and dressing like a hipster.

“Tecra came down stairs and she was a totally different person. Like the looks, she came down and when I was talking to her, I couldn’t figure out what I’m seeing in front of me. This was not the Tecra that I knew,” said Anerlisa as she revealed Tecra had suffered domestic violence in Lali’s hands when she refused to give him money.

Omar Lali, in the end, was adamant that he did not kill Tecra Muigai and would never lay a finger on her because they had no problems and were each others’ happiness.

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