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‘I don’t want to see Brown Mauzo near me!’ Vera Sidika jets back (Photos)

Renowned socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika touched down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Sunday, October 15, at 3 pm, after an extended vacation in the United States.

Her arrival was marked by a warm reception from family and an update on her personal life.

Dressed in a stylish hot pink and black ensemble, Vera Sidika disembarked from her flight and was greeted by four burly security personnel dressed in black, who acted as her courteous escorts and bodyguards during her transit.

The socialite was quick to point out her appreciation for their presence.

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Vera Sidika lands at JKIA after holidaying in the US. PHOTO| ELIZABETH NGIGI

Accompanying Vera were her brother, Josh, and her daughter, Asia Brown. She expressed her gratitude to her family for stepping in to care for her children while she was away.

At the airport, amidst a small crowd of reporters and well-wishers, the businesswoman candidly addressed her ongoing divorce proceedings with her estranged husband, Brown Mauzo. In a conversation with Nairobi News, Vera Sidika made her stance clear.

“I do not want to see Brown Mauzo anywhere near me. As far as I know, we have broken up, but it will take time before the divorce goes through,” she stated with a determined tone.

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However, Vera’s return to her homeland brought an air of positivity, as she expressed her happiness about being back in the country.

“I am happy to be back in the country. I enjoy being away because I can do my things the way I want,” she shared, hinting at a sense of freedom during her international sojourn.

Vera Sidika lands at JKIA after holidaying in the US. PHOTO| ELIZABETH NGIGI

Reflecting on her holiday in America, Vera shed light on her experiences.

“Beverly Hills felt like home after I had taken a break from going on holiday,” she explained. The renowned socialite, who is known for her lavish lifestyle, appeared to have cherished her time away.

As Vera Sidika settles back into her routine in Kenya, the status of her divorce and her future plans remain subjects of keen public interest. She is also set to shoot the second season of the reality show Real Housewives of Nairobi that will air later this year.

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