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‘I found the right one…’, Betty Kyallo gushes over her new boyfriend

After months of attempting to hide him from the public eye, media personality Betty Kyallo has finally revealed the face of her boyfriend, gushing over him in a heartfelt birthday message.

The reveal came just hours after she addressed her critics with a confident declaration of her happiness, stating that she is a “happy wife enjoying a happy life.”

Betty and her boyfriend identified as Charlie Jones spent a romantic day at Ngong Hills, where she shared a special prayer and sweet wishes for him as he celebrated his birthday.

“Happy birthday, baby. More laughs, more hugs, more babies, more us. This is it. I pray my man always wins. He’s been winning, but I want him to win a lot more. On God, happy wife, happy life. Type shii,” she wrote.

In yet another post, Betty’s beau wrote on his social media page saying he was being criticesd for providing for his ‘wife’.

Betty re-shared the post saying she found the right one.

Accompanied by a video of the couple dancing against the stunning backdrop of Ngong Hills, Betty radiated joy as she posed next to a white Mercedes Benz.

“When you see happy like a child, move along, kindly,” she captioned.

She further added, “Chased the sunset after a long busy day.”

In the wake of a recent exposé by a popular blogger, Betty took to Instagram to address the situation with a series of posts.

“Story lazima zikuwe deadly deadly ndio zitrend nawaelewa,” she commented, acknowledging the relentless scrutiny she faces. She expressed her gratitude to her loyal fans, saying, “I appreciate my fans sana sana nawapenda. Hao wengine tuko pamoja hii town.”

Reflecting on her challenges, Betty lamented:

“Over the years these people have tried to bring B down… but God ni msoooo 100%. I understand ninawaelewa sana sana. When people see ati unacheka, maneno inaanza. Anyway, kesho we celebrate a birthday. Ni God manze.”

In a recent interview, Betty addressed her views on age in relationships, humorously dismissing any concerns.

“Even if my boyfriend was 21 years old, he is still an adult, but his age is not 21,” she said.

“That’s why we decided to give the elders some time to relax, you know, to take care of their own affairs.”