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‘I gave you love, you gave me pain,’ – Samidoh’s wife, Eddah Nderitu

By Neema Amani February 12th, 2023 2 min read

Mugithi star Samidoh Muchoki’s wife, Edday Nderitu, seems to be feeling the weight of a heavy heart if her choice of social media posts is anything to go by.

Reports suggest that she may be experiencing heartbreak, as indicated by her recent social media activity.

In recent times, Samidoh and Edday have been at the center of a controversy that took place in Dubai, where they were reportedly involved in an altercation with Senator Karen Nyamu.

The incident has drawn significant public attention and scrutiny.

The three have been in a love triangle of sorts that keeps playing out in public.

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Edday posted a heartwrenching love song by an up-and-coming country music artist named Chase Wright.

His TikTok hit song, “Wish You’d Miss Me” was shared by Edday on her Instagram stories.

Samidoh with wife Edday Nderitu.
Samidoh with wife Edday Nderitu. PHOTO| COURTESY

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It seems the lyrics spoke to her in a way that no other song had. It was as if the singer was describing her own situation with her husband and Karen Nyamu.

A section of the lyrics read: “I was good for you, you were bad for me
I was solid ground, you were broken wings
I gave you love, you gave me pain
You gave me hell, I gave you grace.”

Eddah has been standing by her husband throughout the drama and has never wavered.

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The couple has been married for about 12 years and were blessed with two children before Samidoh’s wandering eye settled on controversial Senator Karen Nyamu and went on to have two children with her in the three years they were publicly having an affair.

This affair has been grabbing headlines ever since. To the point where Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua implored Samidoh to control his ‘wives’ in public.

While addressing mourners at the burial of Ms Pauline Nyokabi Kuria on January 23, 2023, Gachagua warned the celebrated musician, real name Samwel Muchoki, that he was becoming an embarrassment to the community instead of a role model.

“We love you and your songs but you are now embarrassing us. Control your wives. You are my friend and I am ready to advice you on how to do that,” said the DP.

“We do not want outsiders to know how we manage our things here. Those in the West are only allowed to have one wife.”

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