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‘I have forgiven you!’ Kenyan woman’s search for father goes viral online

Meru County, known for its lush green landscapes and vibrant culture, is the backdrop of a heartfelt search for connection as Ms Fridah Harriet who is on a quest to find the father she never got to know.

Ms Harriet’s narrative reveals that her father, Mr Zakayo Kinyua Mbaabu, vanished from her life when she was three years old.

The catalyst for his disappearance was a disagreement with Ms Harriet’s mother, sparking his retreat from their shared home in Kariene, Nkubu.

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In a candid post, shared on her Facebook account, Ms Harriet’s heartfelt plea to her absent father echoes with emotion.

“Dear Dad, I don’t know why I woke up today feeling I should reach out to you. Enough of hiding, I am going to repeat this one more time. Despite having lived my life without you, I’ve finally grown to be a forgiving and understanding woman.”

Her words bear the weight of years lived without the paternal presence, yet they also embody her resolution to find closure.

She further said that she believed that the father had his own reasons for leaving them at a tender age, and she did not want to be dragged to the differences.

“I have forgiven you. I don’t care the years lost. Because now I understand the best timing is always when everything aligns, so no future no past. It wasn’t easy growing up without you and I have suffered the consequences,” Ms Harriet further said.

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She had a strong feeling that there was a need for the father to meet her daughter so that they could bond.

She also assured her father that she was not after any financial support as she was already all grown up and able to carry her cross.

Ms Harriet said that the daughter was already six years which is three years older than when her father left.

She further said that she was very sorry that she had to post the matter on social media, and she hoped that she could have met him privately.

“I can beat my chest how I want but you are the reason I came to this life. So I can’t distance myself from that privilege of being your daughter. I am still proud of you,” the lady further said.

Ms Harriet also assured her father that their mother brought them up so well and that she made sure that they never spoke ill of him.

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