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‘I have rent arrears of Sh50,000,’ Vioja Mahakamani’s Lijodi Kokoto faces eviction

Comedian Lijodi Kokoto, a former Vioja Mahakamani actor, has revealed that he almost committed suicide because of too much stress.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the actor disclosed that following his son’s ailment, he has been left on edge, not knowing where to get help as his son is constantly in and out of the hospital.

He added that currently, his son is in a lot of pain, and his condition has spread to his eyes, which he is seeking medical attention for, but with financial burden posing a challenge, he continues appealing for medical funds.

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Kenyan comedian Lawrence Gwako, who is also known as Lijodi Kokoto. PHOTO | POOL

Kokoto then divulged that as a result of these struggles, he, at some point, thought of committing suicide because he was overwhelmed. 

“It got to a point where all these issues got to me that I also started developing health problems. I started thinking of committing suicide because I felt like I had reached my end. But my support system has helped me cope,” said Kokoto.

The actor also disclosed that he breaks down a lot as a coping mechanism whenever he feels greatly overwhelmed by adversity.

“I break down a lot, and I have noticed that it helps me a lot because I feel much relieved afterward and I am able to look for solutions to the problems,” he said.

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The father of one opened up about how he has been struggling to get employment ever since the onset of Covid 19, which has left him to depend on his wife, who owns a small business. 

“My wife is doing a small business where she sells fish. I have been out of employment since Covid. When Covid came, everything was put on a stand-still, so I have been depending on my wife for food and medication for our son,” said the actor.

He revealed that he’s being threatened with being evicted from his residence following months-long rent arrears. 

“Currently as we speak, I have rent arrears worth Sh50,000. Yesterday I received a call from the landlady who told me that I should clear the rent or vacate the premises as soon as possible. So I asked them to give me some time to clear, but then I don’t even know where I’m going to get that money,”

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On getting a job, Kokoto reiterated that he has tried getting employed in the entertainment industry but to no avail.

“In the entertainment industry, things are hard. I sent Lulu Hassan my portfolio and asked her to consider me for the next production but I did not get a response. I have tried getting a job but nothing has worked,” said the actor.

Last month, Kokoto opened up about the struggles he has been facing trying to keep his son alive as he was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at eight months.

In an interview with a YouTuber, the actor said he has not ‘slept’ in 13 years due to a lack of funds to support his son.

The actor narrated how he was hard on himself following the diagnosis of his son Wesley Obama. He said even then. Things only got complicated because constant medical attention for his son drained him financially.

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