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I have stolen 700 phones, says city mugger – VIDEO

A city mugger on Tuesday confessed to stealing approximately 700 phones since he started his life in crime.

The mugger, Victor Owiye Empati Eshiwani, confessed to losing count of the number of his victims, but succinctly revealed he had stolen 700 phones.

“Nimeiba simu mia saba,” he confessed to members of the Nairobi City County anti-mugging squad.

Victor lives in Majengo estate and was nabbed as he prepared to pounce on his next victim.  He pleaded with the officers to set him free so that he can look for a job.

“I even have a shade where I can sell items but I do not have the capital to invest. I stay in Majengo in one of the corrugated iron sheet houses, just after Gikomba market. You get in through Gikomba at the Mosque. I stay near the Mosque,” he pleaded.

A member of the anti-mugging squad told Nairobi News that Victor is part of a five-man gang operating in the city centre. He has a record of numerous arrests, and every time he is charged in court, his family always bail him out.

Senior Inspector Albert Osoro said four other suspected muggers were nabbed in an operation along Racecourse Road, Moi Avenue, Ronald Ngala Street, Tom Mboya Street and Wakulima Market area.

One of the muggers arrested in city centre on March 06, 2018. PHOTO | MILLICENT MWOLOLO
One of the muggers arrested in city centre on March 06, 2018. PHOTO | MILLICENT MWOLOLO

“These muggers are some of the most dangerous in town,” said Senior Sergeant Osoro.

“He (Victor) can even kill. We have re-arrested him countless times,” said Senior Sergeant Osoro.

Another mugger also from Majengo confessed that he is accustomed to being arrested.

“Nimezoea kukamatwa,” said the man who appeared drunk.

He struggled to explain to the anti-mugging squad that he was previously jailed at Shimo la Tewa prison in Mombasa for 18 months.

In Nairobi, he has been held several times.

“Nimekaa City Hall, nimepelekwa jela ndogo hapo South C, nimepelekwa Industrial Area eti naenda naripotitiwa nilikuwa nimepanga ngari ati mimi mi mwizi, na hakuna kitu…”

The four muggers, senior sergeant Osoro said, are the ‘most dangerous’ in town.

“They originate from Majengo, Mathare, Kayole, Githurai and areas along Jogoo Roads. We re-arrested them today from their mugging hideouts, just a few hours after they were released from prison,” he added.

“When they are charged in court, they are sentenced with an option for the payment of fines ranging from Sh40,000 to Sh50,000. Their families contribute the money and bail them out,” he said.

“Every week, we have to re-arrest these muggers. Chances are that they may never reform,” he lamented.