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‘I looked happy but dying inside,’ Kabi Wa Jesus on battle with depression

Content creator and father of three, Kabi Wa Jesus, has bravely revealed his battle with depression in 2022.

In an honest and candid conversation with his wife, Milly, Kabi shared his mental health struggles, shedding light on his behind-the-scenes challenges while appearing cheerful on camera.

Speaking openly about his experience, Kabi disclosed that he entered a state of depression around September.

He emphasized that people often fail to recognize the inner turmoil individuals may be going through, even when they project happiness and success in the public eye.

He further revealed that a family-related incident profoundly affected him and his loved ones, plunging them into a month-long period of depression.

“My energy just went away. I used to look happy on camera, but I was dying inside,” Kabi expressed, shedding light on the stark contrast between his public persona and his private struggles.

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The weight of his depression became so overwhelming that he would often find himself waking up in the middle of the night and driving away, seeking solace in the solitude of Naivasha.

During one instance, Kabi decided to spend two nights away from home to shield his children from the emotional turmoil he was experiencing.

“I would wake up at night and just leave. I would just drive away. I went to Naivasha. Another time, I left my home and just went somewhere and slept for two nights because I did not want to affect my kids,” he said.

However, Milly, his loving and supportive wife, revealed that she had tracked his location and knew he had sought refuge in Naivasha.

The content creator also expressed concerns about the societal expectations placed on men and the fear of being judged.

Kabi admitted that he worried about being misunderstood or labeled as weak due to his struggles with depression.

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