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I lost 22kgs in 5 months – Maureen Waititu shares weight loss journey update

Kenyan content creator Maureen Waititu has shared more details about her weight loss journey while flaunting her now visible petite frame. 

Speaking through her YouTube channel, the mother of two boys said her goal throughout the weight loss journey, which she embarked on months ago, is to maintain a healthy body and stay fit for her sons. 

“The goal is to stay healthy and fit for me and my loved ones especially the boys long term-they need a healthy mummy and I’ll give them just that. Thank you @nairobibariatric for the lovely journey you put me through,” said Waititu.

The social media influencer went on to narrate how she was once viewed as a slim and fit woman up until two years ago when she gained over 30kgs. This brought her a lot of concern that she chose to undergo a procedure about 5 months ago. 

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“I am sure people who have always known me from way before have always seen me as this fit girl with a slim figure, until like 2 years ago. Something happened to my weight. I ended up adding so much weight, I gained over 30kgs and I did a procedure about 5 months ago, that is October 31st at Nairobi Bariatric. Since then, I’ve lost over 20kgs, and I still have about 10 more to go,” she said.

Waititu, who is a lawyer also disclosed that she may have been in a pre-diabetic state which motivated her more to get her weight back to normal. Having a mother who suffers from diabetes, Waititu knew that having an unhealthy weight exposed her to a greater risk of contracting the condition which she rebuked saying that she wants her sons to have a healthy mother who will be there for them.

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“I also suspect I could have been pre-diabetic, because there are some signs I have been noticing, and since my mum is diabetic, and I thought I was starting to get pre-diabetic and I am too young for this. I am very keen to be healthy and ageless so that I can be there for my kids,” she said. 

The content creator has been making grand strides in her life since the beginning of the year. In January she moved out and settled in her new place in a matter of days. Showing off her new home, she said her inspiration was to provide a warm space for her two sons.

“Looking back, 2023 feels like finally, I’m settled. It’s been like I’ve been running, I feel very settled, stable, like I can breathe. Like it’s gonna be a fantastic year,” she said.

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