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I regret the fame I got from Nairobi Diaries – Black Cinderella

By Rajab Zawadi October 26th, 2022 2 min read

Former Nairobi Diaries cast member Maureen Imbayi popularly known as Black Cinderella regrets being on the reality show that she claims left her penniless.

Cinderella who insists she is not a socialite but a youth activist told Nairobi News, that joining the reality show was one of the worst decisions she ever made, and lives to regret.

“I haven’t benefited from the fame I gained from the show, instead I lost a lot. Let alone the fame, I was not paid as agreed.

I regret being cast on the show because I wasted two years of my life showcasing a violent, carefree and animalistic personality just to serve as a TV character that wasn’t worth it.”

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Socialite Black Cinderella
Socialite Black Cinderella

Nairobi Diaries reality show blazed the trail for an entire genre of Kenyan television when it started airing in 2016 before it was discontinued sometime in 2016.

The show created by Janet Mwaluda roped in popular names such as socialites Vera Sidika, Pendo, Mishi Dora, Risper Faith, Bridget Achieng and musicians Noti Flow, Colonel Mustapha, CMB Prezzo while it catapulted a few little-known casts into the limelight.

The reality show managed to gain traction with its captivating dramas however didn’t translate into the outside career of most of the cast members.

Many of the cast members if not all, have struggled to live up to the names they built on the show.

From the onset, Cinderella maintains the idea of the show was noble but the producer flicked it for her own personal gains while it ended up hurting the future careers of the majority of the cast.

“The idea of the reality was to document the daily lives of young women residing in Nairobi. But the producer decided to twist things.

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Socialite Black Cinderella
Socialite Black Cinderella

Most of the things aired were scripted and planned by the producer for controversial purposes and her selfish gain.

Actually what most don’t know is that it was a requirement to act ratchet on the show so as to spice and serve the drama.” She adds.

Moustapha agrees with her sentiments.

“Some people don’t understand what reality show is all about. They were not ready for Nairobi Diaries we forced it.”

Cinderella who also says she is an actress went on to reveal that every time someone identifies her with Nairobi Diaries, she feels “embarrassed.”

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Over the years, she has tried to wash away the socialite tag, but it’s one aspect that seems to have stuck.

“I came into the limelight as an activist at the time of ‘my dress, my choice’ campaign. I later became

Risper faith’s booty popper Brand ambassador was when people started assuming I am a socialite because Risper is.

I am not proud nor comfortable with the title regarding how Kenyans understand socialites, but it is already stuck and I feel it is something I can’t change the public mind and the media.”

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