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I remain in office, Mwendwa says as FKF elections nullified, again

The Sports Dispute Tribunal (SDT) has for the second time in three months cancelled Football Kenya Federation’s (FKF) polls setting the stage for a probable standoff between government and Fifa.

On Tuesday, SDT chairman John Ohaga ruled that the polls cannot go ahead because the Electoral rules (code) had locked out several potential candidates from vying.

The county elections were held last Saturday and the national elections were slated for March 27.

Ohaga also ruled that the term of office of the National Executive Committee (NEC), which is the federation’s top most decision-making organ, had lapsed.

Consequently, he’s asked Fifa to help set up a normalisation committee to run the affairs of football in the country in the interim and also organise the next elections.

But FKF president Nick Mwendwa said he did not agree with that ruling, which was delivered via video link owing to the government’s ban on public gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“To our shock, the Tribunal chair has proceeded to nullify our elections again,” he said.

“We (FKF) don’t agree with the ruling. We find that to be gross. Football elections should not be contested by anyone. So we have shared it with Fifa. So the ruling says I remain in office which means there is nothing to worry about.”

Mwendwa also explained that he will try as much as possible to ensure football operations move on smoothly.

“Despite the coronavirus outbreak, football has been running smoothly. We are a sound federation. I am in charge and in the next two days, we shall find a way forward. I urge the Tribunal to also accept what Fifa will decide on this matter.”

Ohaga also cancelled the initial County and national elections last December, ruling at the time that the Electoral Board had not been properly constituted, and also that public participation had not been conducted prior to the polls.