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‘I saw Tecra turn into someone I didn’t know,’ – Senator Tabitha Karanja

The late Tecra Muigai’s family has given more details about her last days before her untimely death.

Tecra died on May 2, 2020, at a Nairobi hospital while undergoing treatment, the exact cause of her death is still a matter of discussion as the case is ongoing.

Her mother, Tabitha Karanja and sister Anerlisa Muigai say Tecra suddenly withdrew from her family socially when with Omar Lali.

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They said she barely communicated and made numerous trips outside Nairobi, spending too much money.

“At one time during an event at her house, I broke down after seeing how unkempt my sister had become, I couldn’t believe she was my sister. This is when she had started dating that m#nster,” Anerlisa emotionally recounted.

She added that Tecra took her upstairs and showed her a large burn wound allegedly caused by Omar Lali using a hot iron box.

Tecra’s mum says she (on multiple occasions) did not want to believe her daughter was in love with Omar Lali.

“I kept praying about this, it troubled me a lot because I saw my child turn into someone I didn’t know. I talked to God because I feared losing my child.”

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Before her trip to Lamu (that turned fatal), Tecra was to establish a multi-million coffee business.

A business partner says just days before they could act on the plan, Tecra travelled to Lamu, a trip that turned fatal.

Omar Lali defended himself in the documentary saying that he truly loved Tecra and her family and that her death was an accident that happened as he slept and he did not have a hand in it.

“As I was sleeping, I had a loud voice, followed by one shout and then silence took over. Waking up, I did not find Tecra in our room, only to find her lying unconscious downstairs.”

The family narrated in the new local investigative series, ‘The Last Door’ by John Allan Namu which is now showing on DSTV.

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