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‘I stabbed him because he was about to rape me’

A 37-year-old woman accused of severally stabbing his boyfriend and subjecting him to grievous harm has told an Eldoret court that she attacked the man because he wanted to rape her.

Maureen Naliaka told Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate Richard Odenyo that he only attacked the man as a defense since the man was about to rape her.

“I attacked the man because he was about to rape me. If I was weak I would have been raped by this man perharps got infected with sexual transmission disease. If it were not my strength today I would be the victim of sexual offence and even a subject of grievous harm,” Ms Naliaka told an Eldoret court.

Ms Naliaka was responding to an application by an investigating officer who had made an application in court to detain her for five days pending investigations into the case of grievous harm.

Investigating officer Dickson Asievela told the court that the complainant was critically injured by the respondent during a confrontation between the duo at the Baharini area on the outskirts of Eldoret town.

The incident was reported at Kapyemit police station on March 27.

The court heard that the man who was severely stabbed in both legs, wrist, and face incurred critical injuries and was still undergoing treatment at Moi Teaching and Referral hospital in critical condition.

He is also yet to record a statement.

“I would like the court to allow me to detain the suspect for five days since the complainant who was critically injured is unconscious at the hospital and he is yet to record a statement,” said Mr Asievela Mr Asievela further told the court that the suspect was a flight risk and if released she was likely to disappear.

In her response, Ms Naliaka told the court to sympathize with her since she was only a single mother who was protecting herself from being raped by a strong man and at the same time if detained for long time her children who have no father or anyone to take care of them will be subjected to a lot of suffering.

The court however, allowed the investigating officer to detain the suspect for five days at Eldoret police station pending investigations into the matter.

The matter will be mentioned on April 3.

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