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‘I stood alone…’Janet Mbugua reminisces on past love in emotional post

Renowned media personality Janet Mbugua recently took a trip down memory lane as she delved into her old collection of poems, written between 2005 and 2007.

Janet shared a romantic verse dedicated to one of her ex-boyfriends on her Instagram.

The former Citizen TV anchor got candid about her emotions, reflecting on the feelings she experienced during that period of her life.

In the heartfelt post, Janet shared her surprise at discovering a treasure trove of over 30 poems, many of which centered around themes of love, lost love, passion, and relationships.

She admitted that reading through the verses had taken her back in time, making her ponder over who she was back then and the experiences she was going through.

The flood of emotions from the past compelled her to reminisce about her past lovers, trying to recollect the person she was with when she penned each piece.

“I found some poetry I wrote, between 2005 and 2007… In fact, the document has over 30 poems! It’s taken me back in time; so many of them are about love, lost love, passion, and relationships…so now I’m trying to think back and figure out who I was then, what I was thinking, dealing with. Who I was with!” Janet wrote alongside her Instagram post.

In the post, Janet shared one of the poems she wrote during that period, expressing her vulnerability and emotions through her words.

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The poem read as follows:

“Funny, I would think that two years ago, I was the one thing you were certain of.

We were the heart of everything was a flirt,

You were gentle. I was the spoilt one where you would spend. Funny. We thought we’d stay.

Only to throw it all away. Strange that our paths crossed when I was up in arms.

You were rational, I’d lost my mind.

You were convinced that I was your kind.

You talked and charmed me.

I looked away. I knew I’d turn back and made you stay

Strange that we stood side by side. Only to find ourselves in this collide Surreal, so surreal that it’s been two years.

You moved on, I moved out, I stood alone, You fell in love, and I remember everything.

You’ve made it her world.

Almost as if we never were.”

Janet’s raw and heartfelt expression of her past emotions touched many of her followers, who left supportive comments on her post.

She acknowledged that sharing such personal pieces from the past made her feel vulnerable, but she believed in the power of expressing oneself through art.

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