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‘I thought I was pregnant,’ Milly Chebby talks about her recent pregnancy scare

Content creator Milly Chebby has revealed how she recently had a pregnancy scare after missing her menses over the holiday season.

Chebby made the revelation to her followers on Instagram in a video in which she narrated how worried she was in December at a time she thought she was pregnant.

But it turned out to be a false alarm. She said her hormones could have been tampered with owing to the change in weather in the places she visited during the festive season.

She further revealed that during that period she travelled to Nigeria where the weather was extremely hot before returning to Nairobi where the conditions were different.

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“In December I changed the environment several times, I was in Lagos where it was very hot, I returned to Nairobi where it was very cold and then I went to Naivasha where it was also cold. I think my body was really shocked… I didn’t get my periods… I suspected I was pregnant,” she said, adding that at one point she was ready for the journey of pregnancy and parenting.

Eventually when he menses came back, Chebby said she was overjoyed and she has since abandoned any thoughts of having another child.

In May 2022, the content creator said that she not ready to have another child just yet with her husband Terrence Creative.

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The couple had a question and answer session on Milly Chebby’s YouTube channel, where Chebby said for the last three years, she had been recovering from traumas she went through before and after she got her daughter Milla.

“For me, it has taken time to recover from my first experience,” she said.

She also disclosed that she miscarried before getting her daughter, which left her traumatized.

“I had a miscarriage and my baby’s pregnancy was such a rough journey, and then I got my baby (Milla) and she got sick. I have not recovered from postpartum, cracked nipples, and so on.”

She then told her fans when the right time comes, she would have another baby.

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