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I tried committing suicide four times – Jackie Chandiru

Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru has revealed that she was once fed up with the negative publicity she was getting so much so that she attempted to take her own life on several occasions.

Chandiru made the revelations while being interviewed by comedian and media personality Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o on his YouTube show Jalang’o TV.

The Ugandan songstress shot to fame as part of the Blue 3 trio alongside Lilian Mbabazi and Cinderella Sanyu (Cindy).

The Gold Digger and Quarantine hitmaker is currently based in Nairobi, where she has been receiving treatment for drug addiction.

“The internet tried to kill me four times, and I tried to commit suicide four times. The times I was killed on the internet I was in rehab,” she explained.

She added: “If it was an addiction, why don’t they take the story. I was being told I was homeless and the like. The comments affected me.”

Chandiru also painfully narrated how she attempted to take her life because she could not take the negative stories about her anymore.


“I went to the pharmacy and told the attendant to help a friend of mine who wanted to die. I asked how much money she should need to provide the required medicine to commit suicide. But she refused. So I went and combined a cocktail of drugs and knew I was good to go. I woke up with the worst headache in the world.

“I wondered where it could be that I was; hell or heaven? But I was not seeing the fire, so I must be in heaven. Still, I was not seeing the happy people, while I tried to conceive my location, I started vomiting seriously.”

Chandiru, who has battled drug addiction and suicidal thoughts for more than four years, told Jalang’o that she got into drugs following health issues emanating from a back problem.

She said she started by abusing a painkiller to avoid surgery, help her perform on stage easily as well as assist her get over her insomnia and she used to inject herself more than 20 times each day. She is now working to beat the addiction, she said.