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I turned birthday cake idea into biz

She was stuck in employment until her first child was born. Ms Sara Rukwaro then quit her job to take care of her baby. Being a housewife was not what she had envisaged.

Thus feeling sorry for herself became the norm until one day her sister who was celebrating her birthday visited. Wanting to impress, the house help suggested that they should bake a cake for her.

No experience

However, they had no experience or mastery in baking.

“I had a cooker but never knew how to use it for baking, so when my house help suggested that we bake I was surprised,” she said.

“Being a house wife with nothing much to do, I thought why not,” she added.

Unknowingly the experience was to be a life changer. After making the first cake, she grew interested in baking.

Occasionally the mother of one would do it for fun. People around her got wind of her newfound hobby, and progressively she started receiving orders in late 2012.

As her customers grew, she enrolled for classes to perfect her skills in cake icing and decoration.

“Baking cakes was a viable business, I needed to take it seriously in order to realise better returns,” she said.

Her business, Delightful Tastes, now receives many orders. In a week she makes more than 10 cakes. Prices range from Sh1,200 for a kilo of vanilla cake to Sh2,500 for a Sacher torte, a specific type of chocolate cake with apricot jam and chocolate glaze.

She uses social media to market her business but timely delivery and word of mouth has contributed to its growth.

Her brother comes in handy when making deliveries in areas within the city. To keep abreast with various trends and tastes in the market, she does extensive research and has had to stay artistic.

Maintaining high standards and serving people has also helped her build a great relationship with her clients.

Make-up jobs

Though her core business is baking, she occasionally takes make-up jobs for TV shows and commercial shoots.

“But I am very particular. I ensure they don’t take up my cake business time,” she said.

Power outages at her Buruburu residence is the main problem that the 33-year-old faces. Ms Rukwaro says it takes passion and talent to set up a successful business.