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I want to become the president of Kenya – Gospel artiste Pitson

By Beth Nyambura November 1st, 2022 2 min read

Gospel superstar and Reverend Peterson Ngetha alias Pitson has explained why he mentors female artists who go through ‘so much’ in the industry.

The popular singer spoke to Ala C’s YouTube channel about the challenges gospel singers face in the industry.

According to Pitson, gospel singers are criticised for their dressing choices and other things.

“I like mentoring female artists so that they can avoid the many mistakes. I already know what the church wants and what preachers want from female gospel singers,” he said.

Pitson, a reverend at the Karura Community Chapel, said gospel artists are ditching the industry.

Pitson said such artistes’ motive for joining the industry was money.

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During Covid, Pitson said most artistes ditched the industry since they were not patient in waiting.

“That is why there was a mass migration,” he said.

Speaking about how he met his wife, Pitson, she fell in love with her when she was a law student.

He said he had always wanted to become the president of Kenya and had been praying to God to get a lawyer as a wife.

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The day he talked to her at a kesha – all night prayer session -, and she said she was in her second year doing law, Pitson said he immediately fell in love with her.

“I told her I wanted to be the President of Kenya, do you mind being the second lady? I asked for her number and we started communicating. She is still waiting for me to be the President,” he said.

Pitson and his wife Carol have three children now.

He elaborated on dating as a Christian, saying he abstained from sex until marriage.

“Sex is not the priority. This is someone dating with the goal of one day getting married,” he said.

On how he settled on getting married to her, Pitson said it was after he realized she was focused on serving God with him.



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“Check if she had interests like the love of money. Can she live with you since you don’t have money? We would go to a kibanda to see what kind of a woman she was. You will have plenty of time to do the rest of the things.”

Pitson said with his fame, money introduced mischievous behaviours.

Pitson won in the Song Writer of the Year category. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

Purity and faithfulness were thrown out of the window, and his wife also found out about it, and she left.

“God is not looking for a perfect couple, there will be challenges especially when there is money,” he said.

He stated that most people love each other genuinely when they do not have money.

Besides preaching, Pitson is also a songwriter and has written over 500 songs for other gospel artistes.

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