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I was bullied for having dark skin – Emmy Kosgei

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei has revealed that she was a victim of bullying because of her dark complexion.

Her bullies, she said, would go as far as giving her nicknames and also referring to her as “mweusi kama makaa”, which she hated.

“I can’t believe I use to fear and felt bad when I was bullied because of my color ?‍♀️?‍♂️ ati eh uko mweusi sana? kama makaa.. ⚫ ati ghai weee you are too black ? unakaaa.. unakaaa .. I enter a room and I get this look ?????… ??? then I hated being nicknamed tuiya/cheptui /tisya/sudanesse/karamoja/pokot,” wrote Emmy Kosgei on Instagram.

Her parents were instrumental in enabling her to understand that she was beautiful the way she was. However, as a grown woman now, she still faces people who react to her complexion in a negative way.

“But my parents called me #cheptuiyenyu with so much pride for me to embrace and know that I am beautiful ❤❤?? my mentor then #Esther saw me for the first time and she was screaming what a beauty! She calls me #blacky she enrolled me to modeling immediately ? my mentor now #mrsA was blown away with this Kalenjin girl..see goosebumps❤ you are so pretty she told me,” said Emmy Kosgei.

Kosgei, however, indicated that her Nigerian husband Anselm Madubuko appreciates and adores her as she is.

“When I got married some people never understood my look? they had never seen dark, natural, short haired woman… I heard all sorts of things ??‍♀️ she was a refugee, apostle collected from I don’t know where ?I was a sermon/ preaching content for many “women of God”? ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂ Oh but my husband❤ he loves my tone and my look to bits, he calls me #myNubianqueen❤.”

Her mission now, she says, is to teach young girls about self-love and confidence in the person they are.

“I love myself, I love my tone⚫? I love all those names ?⚫ ❤ if you like call me black⚫❤ I represent my Sudanese, melanin, African to the core?⚫ I am passionate on teaching young girls and women #selflove #selfvalue #confidence not to be vulnerable and pushovers #DontBleach #saynotobullying #notoStigmatization #blackdontcrack @40 mweusi tii kama saburio? Tell your daughters/wives/sisters they are beautifully and wonderfully made! Any man that makes a woman feel lesser and encourages her to bleach to be yellow ni burkenge !? and psengeng ???? sorry. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa .. sijui kama polume iko sawa,” explained Emmy.