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I was depressed because of Vitiligo – Janet Otieno

Kenyan gospel luminary Janet Achieng Otieno recently peeled back the curtain on her hidden battle with Vitiligo, a condition characterized by the loss of skin color in patches.

In a revealing phone interview on Radio 47’s ‘Maskani 47’ show, Otieno recounted the shocking discovery of her condition just moments before stepping onto the stage for a performance.

As she underwent makeup backstage, a peculiar white patch caught her eye, prompting futile attempts to rub it away, leading to the realization that it was Vitiligo.

Nevertheless, Otieno resolved to proceed with her scheduled performance, determined to captivate her audience. Yet, the following morning brought a stark deterioration, with the Vitiligo rapidly spreading across her body within a mere two weeks. Reflecting on this tumultuous period, Otienohs spoke of the intense stress and emotional toll, even admitting to experiencing bouts of depression.

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“I had to perform and kill the show,” she shared, adding, “But the next day, things got worse. Things got worse in the morning, and I cannot forget that day. I have never forgotten about that moment because it was the beginning of a lot of stress. I was even depressed because, in just two weeks, it had spread all over my body.”

During this challenging time, the renowned artiste made the difficult decision to halt the release of new music and retreated from the spotlight on social media. Seeking effective treatment, Otieno ventured beyond borders to access medical care commensurate with the severity of her condition. Her journey toward recovery was protracted, spanning three arduous years before she achieved complete remission from Vitiligo.

Vitiligo, a condition of unknown etiology, manifests as depigmented patches on the skin, often progressing over time. While there is no definitive cure, various treatment modalities such as topical corticosteroids, phototherapy, and surgical interventions can help manage symptoms and restore pigment. Early diagnosis and intervention are pivotal in mitigating the impact of Vitiligo, highlighting the importance of awareness and support for those affected by this condition.

Otieno further explained that she refrained from releasing new music and avoided sharing photos on social media during the nerve-wracking period.

The middle-aged beauty also disclosed that she sought medical attention outside the country once she realized the severity of her condition and she embarked on the journey to find effective treatment it took her three years to completely get rid of her Vitiligo.

“It took about three to five years to completely get rid of Vitiligo,” Otieno shared.