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I was not comfortable in my black skin until mum saved me, Lupita opens up

The enthusiasm with which Oscar winner and Hollywood darling Lupita Nyong’o speaks about her works in the pipeline should leave movie enthusiasts counting days to release dates.

But it is perhaps the nostalgia in her voice and the glint in her eyes that put in perspective the formation of the star she has turned out to be when she shares her journey.

The 32-year- old red carpet star has this week been public in Kenya – the native country of her parents – for the first time since winning the Oscar in March last year.

Hers is a narrative that partly meshes with the wisdom of Malcolm Gladwell’s award-winning book Outliers, which seeks to explain the conditions within which super successful people blossom.

“I know I have been very fortunate not only to have parents of financial means but parents that understand the importance of supporting their children’s interests – even if they (interests) were unconventional, they still embraced that,” Ms Nyong’o said in a recent interview on NTV.


Ms Nyong’o, a master’s graduate of Yale School of Drama in the US, reminisced the many times her mother Dorothy reassured the then impressionable adolescent of her beauty as she thought otherwise.

“It (reassurance) really had an impact on me,” said the star.

The actress was named the Most Beautiful Woman last year by US-based celebrity publication People Magazine, adding another feather to her glamorous cap.

She became a global ambassador for elephant conservation this week. Her father, Anyang’ Nyong’o, is the Kisumu senator.

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SOURCE: Business Daily