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‘I was once enslaved by drugs and alcohol,’ Jalang’o advises youth to choose sobriety

In a powerful address to the youth of Lang’ata constituency, Member of Parliament Felix Odiwuor, widely recognized as Jalang’o, emphasized the importance of breaking free from the clutches of drug addiction.

Speaking alongside Nairobi Women Representative Rachel Shebesh, Jalang’o lauded Shebesh’s commitment to the wellbeing of young men and called on them to choose a path of transformation.

Jalang’o recounted his personal journey from the depths of substance abuse and alcoholism to becoming a prominent figure in Kenyan society.

He stated, “Today, I want to express my gratitude to our esteemed leader, Mama Shebesh, for her unwavering support of young men.

In the past, the spotlight predominantly shone on women’s concerns, but she has extended her nurturing hand to our nation’s young men. I implore you, young men, to seek a path free from the clutches of drugs.”

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Jalang’o’s emotive speech was both a testament to his own transformation and an inspirational call to action.

“I was once ensnared by the grip of drugs and alcohol,” he confessed.

“But through the grace of God and my determination to change, I stand before you today as living proof of what is possible. To attain your aspirations, you must initiate change within yourselves.”

With conviction in his voice, Jalang’o underscored the far-reaching consequences of shedding addiction.

“Transformation is the key to unlocking your potential. It is the gateway to realizing your dreams and ambitions. By altering your course, you pave the way for a brighter future, one filled with purpose and achievement,” he told the youths.

The Lang’ata MP’s discourse did not end with personal triumph alone; it extended to the realm of relationships.

“True change not only enriches your life but also affects those around you. It molds you into a suitable partner, a responsible individual capable of building a family. Aspire to be the kind of man who can provide and protect, a man deserving of a loving wife and children.”

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