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I was scared stiff when I recorded ‘mum tuma fare’ viral video, KU student says

By Mary Wangari October 14th, 2019 2 min read

“Mum tuma fare” is the latest phrase that has become the hottest sensation among Kenyans after a Kenyatta University student sent netizens rolling with laughter after chaos erupted at the university prompting him to urge his mother to send him fare.

In the video, which that has been widely shared online, the student is seen running like his very life depended on it while pleading with his mother to send him money to enable him go back home.


Speaking in an interview with a local TV station on Saturday, John Ngige, a First Year student, narrated how the violent protests at the school on Monday, October 5, scared him out of his wits causing him to accidentally post the video.

“I was coming from the hostels heading to the gate so I could exit the school, but I found policemen at the gate chasing students back to the hostel. I was scared stiff, I was a first year student. I decided to record a video and send it to my mother and tell her I don’t want to stay here anymore. Send me fare I come home,” he said.

“Policemen teargassed the student and I started running as I recorded. I jumped into a ditch and I pressed send as I was rising up.  I realized I had sent it to my WhatsApp status and decided to quickly delete it because it was embarrassing,” he says.

However, it was a case of too little too late as the video had already started trending online.


According to Ngige, who hails from Kitale, he had first called his father who brushed him off, much to his disappointment.

“Actually I called dad and told him things are bad here, then he said, ‘now what do we do?’ I was so annoyed and decided to call my mother,”  he said

Ngige’s mother revealed how the video worried her at first when she saw it as she started wondering about the safety of her son.

Ngige, who obviously shares a close bond with the mother, prayed God to sustain his mother and keep her alive so that he would support her once he succeeds in life.