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I was stabbing the devil, Kenyan charged with murder in the US says

A Kenyan accused of killing a man in the US last year says he was stabbing the devil in an attempt to save the world, according to his lawyer.
Melvin Wasike, 23, is charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated malicious wounding, and breaking and entering while armed with the intent to commit murder.
He is accused of killing a 46-year-old man and stabbing his fiancée at their home, south of Leesburg.
During a preliminary hearing, the court was shown CCTV footage of Wasike coming to the couple’s home three times a day before the victim was killed.
Investigators said Wasike kicked in the front door, fatally stabbed the victim and wounded his fiancée with a butcher knife.
Wasike’s attorney, Robert Whitestone, told the judge during the hearing that his client was schizophrenic, was hearing voices and believed he was stabbing the devil in an effort to save the world.
“My client thought he was God and was stabbing the devil and saving the world,” lawyer Whitestone said.
A judge said the evidence was sufficient to find probable cause and sent the case to the grand jury. If he’s indicted, Wasike would face trial in Loudoun County Circuit Court.
His lawyer said he is planning an insanity defence for Wasike.
Wasike had never met or interacted with the deceased, according to testimony in court.