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‘I will not step down for anyone!’ Raila’s brother on parliamentary committee appointments

By Wangu Kanuri October 15th, 2022 2 min read

Dr Oburu Oginga has defended his decision to serve in two parliamentary committees.

Saying he deserves to serve on the committee because he is a Kenyan and elected member of the senate to represent the people of Siaya.

Dr Oburu shared, “I want to clearly state that I had communicated my interest to be a member of the Public Service Commission (PSC) early and before any other person had made their interest known.”

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He continued, “It was my decision as a duly elected member senate representing Siaya county as an equal member of the senate just like other senators.”

Adding that there was no parliamentary group decision as per the placement in the house committees and that both the ODM and Azimio coalition are yet to communicate.

He added, “Dr Oburu is a Kenyan in his own right to express interest in whichever house committee he wants.”

Clarifying that it is not illegal for him to show interest in being a member of PSC.

Mr Oburu explained, “I represent the people of Siaya who elected me to be their representative, so whatever decisions that I have made are my independent ones as Dr Oburu Oginga.”

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Check out his statement in the Twitter thread below.

There have been reports he was appointed to four committees, causing unrest within the Orange Democratic Movement party.

Oburu, 79, is the elder brother of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga and it has been widely speculated he is favoured for appointments because of the relationship.

“I will not step down for anyone but I will await the final decision of the party leader Raila Odinga, my name and that of senior counsel should be sent to him,” he said.

PSC’s roles include; providing services and facilities to ensure the efficient running of Parliament, constituting offices in the parliamentary service, and appointing and supervising office holders.
He has in the past served as MP for Bondo constituency, East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP and Assistant Minister for Finance during the late President Mwai Kibaki’s era.