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I will take these mad leaders to Mathari hospital – Kidero

Nairobi governor Evans Kidero made a jibe at Senator Mike Sonko by vowing to take mad politicians to Mathari mental hospital for rehabilitation.

“We should not have leaders who are insane. We should pray for them so that they are healed and then take them to Mathari to be checked out before we can vote for them,” Dr Kidero told a congregation on Saturday.

“Some of these leaders come to meetings with alcohol and start making noise,” he added, amid laughter by the congregation.

He made the remarks during a church service and fundraising event at Mathare North SDA church.

Governor Kidero and Senator Sonko last month engaged in a brawl during a sitting of Senate Public Accounts Committee

Moments after the incident, Governor Kidero alleged that the senator had carried alcohol to the meeting.

“People who are educated are civilised. There is a huge difference between being educated and being learned. There are people who claim to have gone to school but they do not have certificates to prove this,” Kidero had said after the incident, adding that, “What transpired at the Senate was not something to be proud of. That is not the kind of leadership Nairobi residents want.”

Senator Sonko responded by saying that, “My friend is alleging that I was drunk from the way I was articulating issues earlier. Do I look like a drunk person in that video?”

“I urge Nairobi residents not to elect leaders because of the fluent English they speak, do not elect leaders because of the PhDs they hold. Some PhDs are used to fleece and loot institutions,” Sonko added.