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‘I won’t lose myself again, hopefully’ Miss Trudy apology for airport drama

Kenyan YouTuber Miss Trudy, born Gertrude Njeri, on April 20, 2023, apologized to Kenyans for her behavior at the Mombasa International Airport when she faced off with airport authorities who stopped her filming her content within the premises.

In a now viral video, an aggressive Trudy was seen shouting at the authorities, saying she had been harassed and had done nothing illegal by content creating at the airport. Nairobi News found that indeed she had broken several laws, rules and regulations by filming at the airport, a protected area where photography and filming is prohibited.

Kenyans blasted her for having an entitled attitude despite being in the wrong, telling her she should be conversant with the laws of the land before she went around claiming she had a right to content create in Kenya because she is a Kenyan.

In her YouTube video where she tackled several aspects of the drama, she at times apologized for how she handled the situation, saying she was mad and heated at the time and should have been more classier in how she carried herself.

“Let me just try and you know help you guys understand where I’m coming from. I’m not saying I am 100 correct so perfect um all I’m trying to say is I was just standing up for my rights. You know I might have gone about it the wrong way. I know at that time I was heated, I was just on fire, I was just mad. The reason I was mad is that you know we’ve been doing this four years now and it’s very frustrating when, as a content creator, all you’re trying to do is promote your country and you just get frustrated you know by people in authority

I wish the people in authority were able to understand that and that’s why it’s so sad when you see young people coming for me . I feel like this is an opportunity that has been taken by my haters to just come for me, you know. I just wish you guys would understand me. I’m sorry you guys had to see that side of me. At the end of the day, I’m just human. I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to anyone. I didn’t mean to be rude to anyone but I just felt like I was standing up for myself you know. I’m sorry I lost it and I honestly felt like they were in the wrong.

I love my country so much and I never intend to put you know a negative image of my country out there but we are not perfect. I’m not perfect, my country is not perfect and I just feel like there are things we can improve on. I hope you guys understand where I was coming from. I have learned from that experience, the do’s and don’ts. Personally, moving forward, I will just try and do better as a person, as a content creator, you know, I won’t lose myself again hopefully,” said Miss Trudy.

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