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I would baby sit my co-wife’s kids, so she can spend time with our husband – Azeezah

Fast-rising TV host and emcee Azeezah Hashim has no problems being a second wife.

The 24-year-old says, “I honestly don’t have a problem. I would rather be peaceful knowing that if he isn’t at Fatma’s place then he is at my house, rather than having these insecure thoughts of where could he possibly be.”

“I mean, as a media personality my profession is already stressing me enough every single day. Why would I need to add more firewood to an already blazing fire?” she said.

“I am out here stressing about a client who is yet to pay me my dues, I have a show to organise and host; that takes a lot of one’s energy and effort, and then you tell me that I also have to deal with relationship stress? That would be too much,” Azeezah adds.

Azeezah argues that in such a situation, it would be easier call her cowife to find out the whereabouts of their husband and just go back to her grind with ease.

“I would accommodate my cowife pretty well for the betterment of our family. Even if it means having my co-wife’s children at my place so that she and our husband can have some quality time together!’ she noted.

“I would do that with the purest of love. I hate relationship pressure. Besides, where I come from, men are allowed to have multiple wives and we have been educated well enough to understand this,” Azeezah explained.

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