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#IAMUhurusFriend: How Kenyans are reacting to this hashtag

President Uhuru Kenyatta last Sunday declared his resolve to fight corruption, even if it comes at the cost of losing friends.

The remarks prompted a Twitter hashtag that earned the president new friend, but within hours it was hijacked to mean a totally different thing.

#IAMUhurusFriend was initially meant to tell the president that it is his mandate to deliver to Kenyans because they are the ones who voted for him. Soon after, it turned into a platform to throw criticism at his tenure.

“I’m not trying to be negative, but are we going to ignore the several years (literally speaking) of mass looting under Kenyatta, no accountability, excessive force by the police which was given complement by the president, because of a few demolitions?” tweeted TheNewGuyKe.

Eugene Munu said he was not in that ship but he expects him to do his work.

Polycarp Hinga added that; “Uhuru sounds sincere. But let him walk the talk. For now.”

“Fighting corruption is the right thing of course. My question is though, why now? The scandal exposés & demolitions could have taken place years ago & an audit done. Why in his last term? What of the destructive VAT deal with IMF?” And only then can he be his friend,” said Robert Munuku.

Zero Chills said; “In Modern Kenya of 21st Century democracies erode slowly, in barely visible steps. They rot from the inside, poisoned by leaders who subvert the very process that brought them to power. You can Put an End to this.”

James Mwangi said he will be the president’s friend if nepotism ends in parastatals and government office..”these days parastatals meetings looks like family gatherings we need a thorough HR audit in every public office.”