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Ichungwah claims a two-kilo packet of unga sells for Sh103 in Nairobi

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwah claims that the price of unga in Nairobi has dropped to as low as Sh103.

Speaking at a church over the weekend, the lawmaker, who is allied with the Kenya Kwanza government, attributed the significant drop in the price of maize flour to President William Ruto’s initiatives to alleviate the rising cost of living.

Mr Ichungwah, who is also the Majority Leader of the National Assembly, made the claim in response to Eugene Wamalwa, the leader of the Democratic Action Party – Kenya (DAP-K), who refused to sign the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report over concerns about the high cost of living.

NADCO is a report compiled to reconcile political differences between the Kenya Kwanza government and the opposition coalition Azimio la Umoja.

Mr Wamalwa, who is associated with the Azimio coalition, was part of the committee alongside Mr Ichungwah, among others.

A former Cabinet Secretary for Defence (CS), Wamalwa refused to sign the report, saying its recommendations did not address the skyrocketing cost of living.

“I was surprised by Eugene Wamalwa’s statement that he was refusing to sign because of lack of goodwill. What more goodwill did we need than for Kenya Kwanza representatives to sign the report?” asked Ichungwah.

The MP, a close ally of Dr Ruto, praised the Head of State and his Agriculture CS, Mithika Linturi, for introducing fertiliser subsidy programmes.

However, the drive has been marred by allegations of counterfeiting.

“A two-kilogramme packet of unga used to cost Sh210, but now it sells for Sh120, Sh110 and I have even seen it at Sh103 in Nairobi,” the legislator said.

Ichungwah also mentioned the price of sugar, noting, “Sugar used to cost Sh460 for a two-kilo packet. Now it is Sh240 for two kilos and one kilo sells for Sh120.”

A spot check by Nairobi News at several supermarkets in Nairobi contradicts Mr Ichungwah’s claim that a two-kilo pack sells for Sh103.

While the price of maize has dropped slightly, some outlets are still selling a two-kilo packet for over Sh200.

Some supermarkets are also selling at reduced prices of Sh160, albeit for a limited time, to clear out old stock.

Ichungwah accused Eugene Wamalwa of refusing to sign a report he helped structure, saying it would be implemented as adopted and approved by the National Assembly.

NADCO was also issued to President Ruto and Azimio la Umoja principal, Mr Raila Odinga.