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Ida Odinga lauds Akothee’s authenticity, teases odd wedding gift request

Kenyan musician Akothee exchanged vows in an opulent wedding ceremony graced by distinguished attendees, such as Ida Odinga, wife of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The event served as a testament to love and unity, with Akothee lauded as a “unifying factor” by Ida Odinga during her heartfelt address.

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“Akothee unites this diverse assembly, drawing together individuals from varying backgrounds and walks of life. That is truly exceptional,” Ida said.

She praised Akothee’s authenticity, remarking, “Akothee has consistently remained true to herself, which is what endears her to others. She never feigns to be someone else, a rarity in today’s world. She embraces life on her terms, and we are all fortunate to be included.”

Ida recounted her excitement upon receiving Akothee’s invitation to the wedding, expressing her approval of the groom, – Swiss national Denis Schweizer.

“When Akothee asked me to attend her wedding, I was thrilled. She wanted me to meet her fiancé, and I knew that if I didn’t like him, I would have told her so. But I looked at him and I said, ‘He’s okay!’.”

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She then shared a light-hearted anecdote, revealing her surprise when Akothee informed her that her granddaughter would serve as the flower girl for the celebration.

“And then she told me that my granddaughter would be the flower girl, and I thought she was joking!” “But here we are, celebrating this beautiful union,” added Ida.

Before concluding her speech, Ida gave Akothee a gift, humorously noting the bride’s request for television as a wedding present. She also gifted a framed picture to adorn their home, symbolizing the enduring bond and divine intervention that united the couple.

“I know you like good things, Akothee,” she said, a mischievous glint in her eye. “So I asked you what you wanted for your wedding present. And you said TV! So after the honeymoon, come and pick it up!”

The digital media provided extensive event coverage, with photos and videos quickly gaining traction on social media platforms. Fans offered their congratulations to Akothee on her momentous day.

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