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Idiotic theory! Dr Ofweneke blasts TikToker claiming most men are lowkey gay

By Freya Wanjiku December 9th, 2022 2 min read

Dr Ofweneke has blasted a TikToker identified as Nonhlanhla Siweta for claiming that men hate women and that many of them are lowkey homosexuals.

Siweta was reacting to a podcast she had listened to that was talking about ‘hatred of sexuality’ arguing that men hate women and are only with them because they are being forced by the social construct.

“But if you analyse men’s interactions with other men you come to realise that men do what they do just to impress other men as they look for validation from other men.”

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Adding that men do not care about women, Siweta shared, “Men are literally in love with other men. Most men are homosexuals because why else would men disrespect, not listen to women, and not put effort to form meaningful connections with women the way they do with other men? It is pretty obvious that women are not the ones they want.”

However, Comedian Ofweneke born Sande Bush showing disdain for the remarks said, “I think full access to WIFI when most of the time is free and the ability to speak English. Those two things should not be a validation standard of brains and intelligence.”

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Observing that Siweta’s revelation is the most idiotic theory he has ever heard from a human being, the seasoned comedian who was obviously pissed sarcastically noted, “Young lady that statement did not make sense, go make your hair.”

After garnering and attracting varying opinions following the post, Siweta has since deleted the TikTok video after it caused such a furore online.

The young lass had claimed in one of the comments that she was not of the view purported by the podcaster but she was rather quoting what the speaker said. However, none of her followers was moved by the ‘justification.’