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IEBC Commissioner wipes tears over links to Chickengate scandal

A member of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission wiped tears from his eyes as he described the psychological toil of the accusations against him over the Chickengate scandal.

Yusuf Nzibo, a commissioner who was also in the Interim Independent Electoral Commission, was among the electroral chiefs who appeared before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (Jlac) on Tuesday.

Mr Nzibo said the accusations against those, like him, who were in the previous commission had badly affected his family.

Mr Nzibo’s voice was heavy with emotion and he was on the brink of tears as he described an incident where Douglas Mwashigadi, a former IIEC commissioner was in serious need of medical assistance but did not get it.


“Every day when I read about Chickengate, I become very sad because I have served this country in very many positions,” he said.

Committee chairman Samuel Chepkong’a said the bulk of the issues raised in the petition against the IEBC Commissioners came from the work the commissioners did together.

“You are joined at the hip. None of you dissented from the decisions made at those meetings so you cannot be separated,” said Mr Chepkong’a.

The commissioners told the committee they are ready to leave office as the atmosphere is so poisoned that they cannot preside over the next General Election.