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If you don’t understand Kiswahili, get another preacher, Pastor Ng’ang’a tells TV audience

By Freya Wanjiku February 9th, 2023 2 min read

Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Center has openly told his TV audience to seek another preacher elsewhere if they don’t understand Kiswahili.

In an undated video captured during a televised sermon on his, the preacher informs his audience that those who do not understand Kiswahili should learn the language, just as he is learning English.

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The controversial preacher goes ahead to give an analogy of animals, which he says must not always look alike. He cites the differences between a donkey and a horse.

“Those who do not understand Kiswahili, switch off your TV and find where you can get the message from that preacher of your class. Do not stay there blaming me. Here I have put an ‘r’ here ‘l’, so switch to a channel where there is coherence, just as you learned in the university.”

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The preacher also says that his target audience includes inmates, handcart pushers and the poor.

“Listen to me, I have made it in life. That is why I have reached where I am, so I can advise you,” Pastor Ng’ang’a says, adding that his teachings also target those that have been rejected.

“I can give you tips on how to succeed. Even those that did not go to school, I will help you if only you know how to count from one to 10, then we will move together,” he says.

“I will teach you how to count Sh100,000 and if you get it right we will go to Sh500,000. If you know how to count we will move together if you do not just go back home.”

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