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If you love someone, take care of them – Avril speaks after public breakup in 2023 – EXCLUSIVE

In November 2023, songstress Judith Nyambura, popularly known as Avril, made headlines when she posted photos of herself on Instagram, showing a swollen and bruised face in one picture and a bandaged face in another. She, however, quickly deleted the photos, but not before they had gone viral.

A day later, Avril released a statement saying, that her seven-year relationship with the music producer had been marked by arguments that sometimes resulted in injury and that she was seeking help to overcome some of the difficulties she had gone through.

Singer Avril (left) and baby daddy J Blessing. PHOTO: COURTESY

“My heart is so heavy that I had to tell the world my business… I forgive you, J. Please find it in your heart to forgive him too. Everyone deserves forgiveness in this life,” Avril wrote on her official Instagram page, asking her fans to forgive Blessing.

“I acknowledge that our 7-year relationship and journey as parents of an amazing little boy has had its challenges and there have been conflicts that have escalated into fights,” she continued.

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In relation to Avril’s statement, J Blessing explained that the two had agreed to “stay away from each other”.

He wrote on his socials: “Avril and I agreed that we should both stay away from each other to prevent such incidents from happening again.”

He also addressed the assault allegations by confirming that one of the circulating photos of Avril with a bruised face was actually from an “altercation” that had happened a year before Avril’s post.

He said: “We had a physical altercation where we both got hurt and that day I immediately took her to the hospital. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures she posted is from that incident.”

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In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Avril reflected on that difficult time and expressed her continued discomfort in talking about it.

“That was a very vulnerable time for me, and I am still not comfortable talking about it. As a nation, we were in a strange place. I want to emphasise that men and women should see each other as brothers and sisters. If you love someone, love them and take care of them and if it doesn’t work, just be compassionate,” Avril told Nairobi News during the interview on the sidelines of the Showmax relaunch on May 8.

Avril said that she is currently in a contented space, focusing on taking care of her child and her business, and embracing each day as it unfolds.

When asked why she forgave him, Avril simply said, “I forgave him because he is my friend. Period.”

Her message to Kenyans and her fans is all about love.

“Let’s love each other and let’s not take control of people’s lives. We need to redefine our understanding of love as a nation and recognise that each individual creates their own path before coming together,” she said.

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