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What if you won the jackpot? – A guide to the dos and don’ts

Failing to plan is certainly planning to fail. It is for the reason we are giving you these tips just in case lady luck decides to shine her light your way and you finally “pambazuka” by winning the amazing mzooka jackpot.

1. For those who actually purchase paper tickets, by any means necessary, do not lose your ticket. This goes without saying since it the only way to prove your winnings.

2. Do not tell a soul because a man is what he hides. Not everyone will be happy for you and might hatch a plan to sabotage your soon to be spending ambitions by confiscating your proof or winnings. Keep that ticket close.

3. Stay away from nefarious activities or people just in case you end up committing or accused of a crime and end up behind bars. This may hinder your chance of collecting your windfall especially if its validity has an expiry date.

4. Please don’t suddenly turn into a serial entrepreneur just because of availability of funds. Many winners go flat broke because of investing in poorly planned schemes that are suggested by family, friends, acquaintances or even shrewd colleagues. Kaa chonjo!

5. Lastly, if you eventually strike the jackpot, be wise enough to not to isolate yourself from the world. Keep at you job, maintain your family and those you care about because eventually, it is people that make life worth living.

Maintaining your newly acquired “sonko” status can be tricky. After all, everyone is afraid of losing that “kakitu” whether it came by being lucky or through the sweat of their brow.