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Ifikie Sakaja: Hotel owners complain of kanjo askaris eating for free by force

A section of Nairobi hotel owners is complaining that the city askaris are harassing them and eating free meals.

Speaking after meeting the Nairobi County Health Committee, some of the hotel owners said they are tired of feeding kanjos who end up asking for “transport” as well.

“When some of the askaris come for inspection, they end up eating food without paying. Some even ask for transport. They have to know that we are running a business and our main objective is to make a profit,” said one hotel owner.

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On the other hand, another hotel owner complained that she feeds seven officers in a day and this affects her business and mental health.

The hotel owners have also said that some kanjos are teaching them how to arrange their restaurants, something they say should not be their concern.

“We are tired of being harassed by askaris. Some of them are very petty. They should do their work and also let us do our job,” said another hotel owner.

This comes at a time when there is a Cholera outbreak in Nairobi.

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The Health Committee has also advised the hotel owners to maintain cleanliness for customers’ safety.

160 cholera cases have been recorded in the capital city so far.

It is believed that the disease is caused by poor sewerage and stagnant water in Nairobi.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that eight people have died in Nairobi due to the cholera outbreak.

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